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Red beacon gone, what should be next ?

Namani Vignesh Writes: By May 1, the ‘Red Beacon’ culture will take a back seat, as a part of center’s decision to remove red beacons from all vehicles, except the ones used by emergency services.

Namani Vignesh Writes: By May 1, the ‘Red Beacon’ culture will take a back seat, as a part of center’s decision to remove red beacons from all vehicles, except the ones used by emergency services. with the above order all the government vehicles of both the center and state government should stop this culture. this order also apply to vehicles used by the Prime Minister, President, Chief Justice and Chief ministers of all states.This practice of using red beacons has increased vast over the past few years . ln fact this is the first change to stop the VIP culture and as PM said “all the people in this country is Vip”. In a big country like India with a population of 1.3 Billion This type of change is necessary even tough there are many of problems but a small change in governance shall be admired.Apart from the Red beacon there are still many areas which need to be improve as like, Union minister Nitin Gadkari’s call for allotting flats instead of bungalows to ministers is commendable in this context. So, what are the other special entitlements and immunities that need to be dispensed with? We find out…

At first. stop VIP movement, reduce the number of convoys: once a time we have been a victim of this movement? Yes is it, Not only me many have you witnessed it where as you witnessed a huge traffic beacuse of a VIP travelling in the same route. In which we may once a time missed a flight, reached exam hall late, and the worst part of this is even the ambulance is also not allowed to go.we have seen many situations of this atleast Can we expect the conveys to be reduced?

Reduce security cover: In India, security is provided to VIPs,politicians, high-profile celebrities and sportspersons the  few agencies, namely Special Protection Group,National Security Guards, and Central Reserve Police Force. Depending on the level of threat perception, security is classified into four main categories. While Z+ is the highest security level, additional Special Protection Group coverage is provided to the most important people in the country, including current and former Prime Ministers. The X group of safety gives property in line the most basic system of care for trade and has a safety cover of 2 personnel with one personal safety officer. The number of personnel increase at the same time. In harmony with to experts, safety cover has become has same sense with position special sign over the years.  I feel that there is no point in giving the security cover to the VIP.

Act like the common man: recently when PM Narendra Modi was travelling in a metro with his australian counterpart. which people started praising that all the public servants must start using the public transport, they should start following sime basic facilities like being get used to commom citizen before the law regardless of gender, age, race, ethnicity, religious or political beliefs and affiliations, caste, class or economic status.  we should beileve in spirit of the constitution that says Equality for all according to Article: 14

Reduce privileges: it’s very sad to see how these VIP were able to enjoy all the privilages. we see very ofenly that These Netas were given the preference at temples for avoiding queues, special parking in airports and exempt of The VIPs from security checks at airport,etc. Do we think all thses privilages are necessary for all. Security checks at airports should be mandatory for all political leaders except the PM, President and foreign delegates. Hence I would like to conclude that saying – When God created all human beings as equal, why preferential treatment to VIPs? But in future we may expect some changes in all these by removing the Red beacon.

Jai Hind

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