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Leadership Changes in Chinese Navy

MH Rajesh Writes: A year after the restructuring Military Regions into Theatre Commands, the Chinese Armed Forces has proved they can be fast in transformations. The rationale of these transformations was to make PLA more joint and assume a global role for which maritime forces were an important tool of statecraft. So far its Military Regions were commanded by its Army Officers.

Surgical Strike Redux : Fighting the Hybrid War

Anurag Dwivedi writes: Whether Indian political leadership has the vision and acumen to orchestrate the synergy required for waging Hybrid Warfare will decide the outcome of our new strategy.

PLA Turns 89 under President Xi with Major Overhaul

General Asthana Writes: The overhaul of Dragon Army and its impact on military posturing in the region, with global ambition will continue to be an interesting development to watch in future. Its effectiveness, however, can only be gauged after few years.

The American ‘Left of Launch’ Defense Strategy

Dr. Roshan Writes: One of the reason for developing this can be that the Americans are contemplating developing ‘Full Spectrum Response’, which is going to include a full new approach to the BMD’ specially incorporating ‘Left of Launch’ and non-kinetic warfare as they will be more cost-effective.