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Forthcoming Events


The annual USI National Security Seminar was held on 01-02 November 2018 at the United Service Institution of India (USI), New Delhi. The USI National Security Seminar has focussed on the Indo-Pacific Region since 2009 and this was the 10th edition of the Indo-Pacific series. The theme for this year’s seminar was “Evolving Geo-politics of the Indo-Pacific Region: Challenges and Prospects”. The seminar brought together varying perspectives on strategic challenges, and prospects for cooperation in the security and economic domains

India, Russia likely to sign 18 agreements during ‘17th Annual Summit Meet’

Bhatnagar writes: ‘Defence Cooperation’ has been one of the pillars of the multi-dimensional ‘Special and Privileged Strategic Partnership’ between India and Russia. ‘Military Diplomacy’ initiatives focusing on enhanced military to military engagements/interactions and reenergised defence cooperation can rejuvenate the overall bilateral relations; a geopolitical imperative for maintenance of global and regional ‘Balance of Power’ and ‘Bridging of Gaps’.

BRICS 8th Annual Summit at Goa

Dr Raj Kumar Sharma writes: Engaging with BRICS gives India diplomatic space to adjust its relations with the major and emerging powers and consolidate on issues where there is convergence of interests.

Russia to hold first ever joint military exercise with Pakistan

Dr Raj Kumar Sharma writes: While India would not be averse to Russia’s increasing leverage over Pakistan as it has a history of mediating between Islamabad and New Delhi (Tashkent Summit after Indo-Pak war in 1965), it should not come at the cost of Indian security concerns.