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Irreplaceable Face of International Community

Kavya writes, in today’s world of rising tensions and chaos between different nations the effectiveness of UN is highly debated. UN has become a forum for diplomacy and a mediator between nations

UN is an international organisation established on 24th October with the multipurpose of preventing wars and to promote global harmony and security in the background of World War 2. In today’s world of rising tensions and chaos between different nations the effectiveness of UN is highly debated. UN became a forum for diplomacy and also acted as a mediator between nations. There are many organs that come under UN like the General Assembly, Security Council, UN Economic and Social Council, International Court of Justice, Trusteeship Council, and Secretariat. To further improve the peace keeping efforts UN also have other branches like WHO, UNESCO, UNICEF, World Food Program.

In today’s world UN’s peacekeeping force is active in various parts of the world like the UNTSO in Middle East, MONUSCO in Congo Republic, MINUJUSTH in Haiti etc. All these operations are helping these countries to strengthen their internal organisation thus making them capable to face the world more strongly. Also the internal problems are sorted out with the help of UN personals thus restoring back peace into their soil.

UN also acts as another forum that is addressing global issue like climate change. Since it’s a platform for countries all over the world to come together it’s the right place for the counties to agree on acts that affects all the nations. Thus the climate action summit of UN becomes one like that. UN also has adopted sustainable ways to reach its goal. Kyoto protocol was an appreciable step taken by UN for the climate change issue.

In this world of rapidly rising population and drastically reducing resources, UN takes up an initiative of feeding the poor, the victims of war and natural disasters under their World Food Programme. Also extreme weather has become another reason for depleting food production and increase in oil price has in turn increased the price of all the food items. These two factors too have made it difficult for the poor to fill their stomach. UN approximately feeds the hunger of nearly 104 million people worldwide.

UN has also helped the people all over the world to protect their human rights. Special focus has been given to women, children, minorities and disabled because they are the ones who are subjected to more discrimination. UN helps the state government is protecting the rights of its citizens.

Another important branch of UN is the WHO. This branch helps the governments of various countries across the world in carrying out various health campaigns and medical activities like that of vaccinating the children of Yemen against polio, vaccinating kids of Niger, Nigeria, Cameroon and Benin against polio, vaccination in Brazil against yellow fever etc. WHO also increased the number of mental health care centres in Syria because of the increasing mental issues of the Syrian population because of the war? Another notable work is the supply of fully equipped ambulance to Iraq to deal better with the increasing causalities.

Along with all this UN also has many other initiatives like improving the gender equality, child mortality, education, maternal health etc. We can note that although UN has had its setbacks in the past it is one of the most effective and wide reaching international organisation with the initiative of global pace and security.

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  1. CS Nair says:

    Good one.UN also focus on technology innovation(Kerala),also submitted rebuilding strategy to government after the recent flood in the state.UN works on more than 30 projects in India….keep writing.congrats.

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