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Miscellaneous - 3. page


Gear up for the cyber battlefield

Ramprasad P Writes: We want it or not, cyber warfare has become an inevitable threat in the modern world. Cyberspace is developing itself into the fourth wing of defence capabilities after Army, Navy and Air force. According to one of the documents of NSA, United States leaked by Edward Snowden, it clearly states that the next major conflict will start in Cyberspace

South Korean Soft Power

Nistha Sinha Writes: In the worldview, Asia is dominated by China, India and Japan in the race to become major powers. As the world obsesses over these countries, a smaller and less insignificant one has been making phenomenal progress economically despite being far smaller in size and might.

Is this the End of Globalization and Migration?

Aditya G.S Writes: The increase in migration and trade was due to factors such as industrial revolution, renaissance, reformation, technology development, geographical differences etc. But ever since the great wars or the world wars took place it witnessed huge change in economic and political conditions of the world


Rajoli Siddharth Writes: Even during the inception of the Syrian conflict the only country which time and again proposed a UN sponsored ‘safe zones’ for the people in Syria was Turkey. It’s due to the Turkish occupation of Northern Syria.

Crowd Sourcing Initiatives in Social Realm

Anurag Dwivedi writes: It was interesting to read an article from Peace Tech Lab about a mobile app called “Crowd Guard” where a user can raise alarm via their mobile phones and receive help from a trusted “Crowd Guard” helper community. The app is mainly targeted at women facing gender based violence and relies on mobilizing nearby community members. The solution therefore has two parts – firstly the “technical app and infrastructure” and secondly the “community united by common concerns”