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Sri Lanka

Prime Minister Modi in Maldives

Aditya Gupta writes, India has realized the importance of its South Asian neighbours and no longer takes for granted its traditional sphere of influence.

Terror Hits Sri Lanka

Sanjana writes, 10 year since the end of bloody Tamil Eelam war, on the eve of Easter celebration, Sri Lanka faced one of the most brutal terrorist attacks in the history of South Asia.

Beneath The Black Veil

Lekshmi P. B writes, ISIS is becoming more powerful than before. They have widened their links and connections all over the world. Threat does not come from an organisational pattern or from the so-called caliphate or Al-Baghdadi himself. But the ecosystem has also given access to ISIS to become powerful

Injudicious Endeavor on Forbiding Civil Rights

Tisa Sara Philip writes, the demand for Burqa ban throws a challenge to Indian diversity and its fundamental values. Indian society being culturally and ethnically vast and diverse than Sri Lanka, it is not easy to imitate any such policies.