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China’s Motive for Wuhan Informal Modi-Xi Jinping Summit

Maj Gen BK Sharma, AVSM, SM**(Retd) writes: For China the primary contradiction at this juncture is how to deal with intransigent US. India, on the other hand, is seen more of a major irritant and potential challenger to China’s rise as an Asian power and therefore is ipso facto a secondary contradiction. Hence the need to pacify relations with India till the American challenge is managed.

Jammu and Kashmir shouldn’t be seen as a Political Issue: Haseeb Drabu

Narender writes, Survival of political parties in Jammu & Kashmir depends upon repeating the lie every day that Jammu and Kashmir is unresolved political issue that has been muddied by Pakistan. Every time there are elections rhetoric reaches crescendo describing Kashmir as a conflict state to reap political dividends.

Emerging Alliances in the Indo-Pacific

Subhashish writes, In the backdrop of the four day visit of French President Emmanuel Macron to India, is an evolving story of the maritime presence of France and United Kingdom in the Indo-Pacific region.