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American Assumes Chairmanship of Arctic Council: Implications for India

Commodore Lalit Kapur(Retd): The Ministerial Meeting of the Arctic Council held at Iqualuit on 24 April 2015 saw Canada handing over Chairmanship of the Arctic Council for a two-year term to USA. Indian interests in the Arctic pertain to scientific research to enable understanding of climate change and weather.


Pakistan’s Place in the Chinese Silk Route Idea

MH Rajesh wonders when it comes to China’s New Silk Route why Pakistan was originally not projected in the Silk Route plans and that China chose another vehicle for investments in Pakistan — the CPEC. However, during Chinese Permier Xi’s recent visit to Pakistan one could glean the overlaps in the CPEC and the Silk Route.


Will ISIS’ Caliphate Die with its ‘Big Daddy’?

Dr Adil Rasheed, Senior Research Fellow at the USI, writes: As there is no Hamlet without the Prince of Denmark, then perversely can there be an ISIS Caliphate without its Caliph Ibrahim? That is the question. As ISIS is losing ground in war and its interim head Abu Alaa Al Afri is said to favor close relations with Al-Qaeda, will ISIS think of foregoing its claim to a Caliphate. In order to come closer to its parent organization, ISIS may have to reconsider asking Al-Qaeda leaders to swear the mandatory allegiance to its new leader-cum-Caliph.