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Future of IBSA: The South –South Initiative

The South –South cooperation started way back in 2003 between India-South Africa and Brazil in what is called as India-Brazil-South Africa Dialogue Forum (IBSA). It was an important forum then between the developing countries and still has the potential to grow.


Uranium Tracking and the Double Standard

In her response to Mark Hibb’s recent article in the magazine The Diplomat, Dr. Roshan Khaniejo of the USI refutes the call for tracking India’s imported uranium as being unduly alarmist and smacking of Western double standard in its dealings with India’s responsible nuclear policy.


Why the fall of Yemen’s government is a huge problem for Saudi Arabia

The takeover of the capital Sanaa by the Shiite Houthi rebels has been viewed as the expansion of Iran’s influence in the Arabian peninsula and the diminution of Sunni influence in the region. The presence of Al-Qaeda in the war-torn country is raising alarm bells for the country to fever pitch.