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New Study Highlights Shortcomings in China’s Military Transformation

A recent study by RAND states that whilst PLA is becoming more professional and more capable with regards to deterring or, if necessary, countering US military intervention in the Asia-Pacific region, this transformation remains incomplete. There are perceived gaps between current PLA capabilities and the demands of winning a local war under informatized conditions and successfully executing the PLA’s other missions.

US-Israel relations hit new low after Bibi’s re-election as Israeli prime minister

US President Barack Obama says prospects for a two-state solution in the Middle East are “dim” after the Israeli prime minister vowed to oppose a Palestinian state. Mr Netanyahu’s statements angered the White House, even though he has since tried to soften his remark. Meanwhile, senior White House officials have learned Israel was spying on the closed-door talks between US and Iran over the latter’s nuclear program. US-Israel ties have hit a new low.