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Non-Conventional Threats - 4. page


Weakened ISIS more Dangerous?

Dr Raj Kumar Sharma writes: The IS attacks outside Iraq and Syria help in keeping their ideology alive and also brush aside prospects of IS weakness.


Has the Post-Jihadist Era Begun?

Dr Adil Rasheed writes: It might come as a surprise to many readers, but there have been several instances of jihadist disengagement from violence for several decades and many extremist Islamist groups have given up their campaign of violence for good.


South East Asia another Home for Terrorist Groups?

Anumeha Singh Writes: Reportedly, huge number of local inhabitants around 1000 people from the South East Asian nations like Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, have left their country to join terrorist groups like ISIS/ISIL


China’s Double Standards on Terrorism

Raj Kumar Sharma writes: China itself has a dual policy on terrorism even though it has been blaming the US and other Western countries of doublespeak on terrorism.

Picture illustration taken in Zenica shows man typing on a keyboard in front of a computer screen on which an Islamic State flag is displayed

Countering Cyber Ribat

Rohit Mehrotra writes: The Islamic State is utilising the cyber domain to pursue its ominous designs and even getting in to the realms of Information Warfare.