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Miscellaneous - 30. page


Book Review of “1962: A View from the Other Side of the Hill”

Ambassador Prabhakar Menon writes: The volume under review provides the background to this tragedy by pointing to the factors as seen by both the Indian and the Chinese sides, which resulted in the two countries misinterpreting their motivations over a period of time, and blundering into an incendiary confrontation which China ended up using to its blatant advantage.


North Korea Continues Its Nuclear Testing Spree

Dr Roshan Writes: North Korea claims that it has successfully conducted miniaturised hydrogen bomb test on Wednesday, 06 January, 2016 at P’unggye-yok, in the east of the country, near the town of Kilju.


A Just Wind Is Blowing

Maj Gen PJS Sandhu (Retd) writes: It is surprising that the said Committee consisted of all retired officers and there was no serving officer as its member. After all, it is the serving who have the responsibility to run the military machine.