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A Just Wind Is Blowing

Maj Gen PJS Sandhu (Retd) writes: It is surprising that the said Committee consisted of all retired officers and there was no serving officer as its member. After all, it is the serving who have the responsibility to run the military machine.


Japan-India Nuclear Deal: Strengthening Relations

Dr Roshan Writes: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to India has been an eventful visit as far as Civil Nuclear deal is concerned.India has been engaging with Japan for quite some time to crack this issue.

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UN General Assembly Approves Russian-Led Resolution Restricting Militarisation Of Space

Sanjay Kumar writes: The United Nations General Assembly on 08 Dec 2015 has approved a Russian-led resolution calling for nations to refrain from being the first to deploy weapons into outer space. Known as the “no first placement” (NFP) initiative, the proposed UN resolution was drafted by Russia in 2014 as an apparent bid to place further restrictions on the militarization of space which is largely prohibited by the 1967 UN Outer Space Treaty.



Sandeep Jain Writes: Militancy in J&K and violence has come down over the preceding decade. While cross border infiltration continues, it is no more at the same levels as it was in early nineties. This is due to many factors- larger presence of security forces both on LC and hinterland and the AIOS (Anti-Infiltration Obstacle System) being the main ones amongst them.