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Geopolitics - 3. page

Silhouette of soldier

Taliban Asks Donald Trump To Review Afghanistan Policy

Bhatnagar writes: Taliban has asked Donald Trump to review Afghanistan Policy and withdraw all foreign forces from the insurgency-plagued country. Should Trump who envisions achieving a stable and peaceful world with less conflict and more common ground; review, in the short term, America’s strategy in Afghanistan in light of a re-surging Taliban?


Redefining Pakistan

Dr Raj Kumar Sharma writes: This corridor is likely to have negative impact on Pakistan’s economy as Chinese products could flood its market and would draw out its small domestic manufacturers.

Chinese astronauts Jing Haipeng, Liu Wang and Liu Yang, China's first female astronaut, wave during a departure ceremony at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center

China’s White Paper on Space : 2016

Sanjay Kumar writes: The White Paper states that all countries in the world have equal rights to peacefully explore, develop and utilize outer space and celestial bodies. The outer space activities should be beneficial to country’s economic development and social progress, and to the peace, security, survival and development of mankind.