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Indo-Pacific - 14. page

(Released by HST Public Affairs)

Making Waves: Indo-US Naval Cooperation

Commodore Lalit Kapur (Retd.) writes: Ashley Tellis has written a much discussed article titled “Making Waves: Aiding India’s Next Generation Aircraft Carrier” for his think tank. In essence, the article argues for a leap in cooperation between India and USA to jointly design and equip India’s next generation aircraft carrier. The article is eminently readable for its irrefutable logic, compelling argument and exhaustive research. It remains for India to evaluate it and if interested, to pursue cooperation with USA at the appropriate level


Pakistan’s Place in the Chinese Silk Route Idea

MH Rajesh wonders when it comes to China’s New Silk Route why Pakistan was originally not projected in the Silk Route plans and that China chose another vehicle for investments in Pakistan — the CPEC. However, during Chinese Permier Xi’s recent visit to Pakistan one could glean the overlaps in the CPEC and the Silk Route.

Barack Obama, Narendra Modi

India-US bonhomie need not rile China, says US President

Aspects like democracy reflect values of India and the US, in a way that does not apply to China, says Obama. To the US, a destabilized, impoverished and disintegrating China is dangerous, ‘but its growth should also not be at the expense of others’.