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Russia’s Gradual Rapprochement with Pakistan

Raj Kumar Sharma writes: Russia looks to be moving towards an even handed approach in South Asia akin to Soviet Union’s South Asia policy in 1960s where it mediated between India and Pakistan at Tashkent in 1966 following the 1965 Indo-Pak war.


Pakistan Invites CARs to use Gwadar port, concerns remain

Raj Kumar Sharma writes: Pakistan has been trying in wane to balance Indian presence in Central Asia since 1991. Its efforts to use religion as a galvanizing force have not gone down well with the CARs, who have a secular outlook. It even interfered in the Tajik Civil War (1992-97).

Francois Hollande, Narendra Modi

Indo-French Bonhomie

Dr. Roshan writes: The French President Mr. François Hollande was the chief guest at India’s 67th Republic Day celebrations, to commemorate the Indo-French Friendship.

Vladimir Putin, Sergei Shoigu

Russia and the New Global Order

Dr Nivedita Das Kundu writes: Today, Russia is emerging as a stronger nation and asserting its presence in the international political scenario. It has stood up against the West and demonstrated its political strength and military prowess by taking on the ISIS in Syria.