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Gilgit-Baltistan Part of J&K, Pakistan in Illegal Occupation

Sandeep Jain Writes: Recently there were newspaper reports about Pakistan contemplating inclusion of Gilgit-Baltistan as another province of Pakistan. Pakistan it has become a catch 22 situation wherein, if they retain status quo then CPEC passes through disputed territory and India’s objections to CPEC gain legitimacy. On the other hand, if Pakistan declares Gilgit-Baltistan to be its province then it dilutes its own stance on J&K.

India's PM Modi speaks as Afghanistan's President Ghani watches during the opening session of 18th SAARC summit in Kathmandu

Increasing Chinese Footprint in India’s Neighbourhood: Implications and Options for India

Sandeep Jain Writes:China and India share the extended neighbourhood. Many small countries who are our immediate neighbours also think of China as their neighbour. Over a period of time China’s influence in these small countries has been constantly increasing. China has emerged as their largest trading partner in most cases. China is also willing to make substantial investments as also provide economic aid.

A protester throws a stone towards Indian police during a protest against the recent killings in Kashmir, in Srinagar

Cycles of Militancy in J&K

Sandeep Jain Writes: Indian army as also other security forces have been involved in operations against militancy for a long time in J&K. There have been numerous times when militarily the situation has been brought under control but for lack of political resolution the militancy gets revived.


PLA Marines at Gwadar-Implications for India

Sandeep Jain Writes: There were recent reports in newspapers about PLA raising the strength of its marine corps[i]. As per reports the strength is to be increased from 20000 to about one lakh troops out of which certain numbers will be permanently stationed at Gwadar.