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Pakistan, Its Time to Listen to Your “Ghaddars”

Shamam writes, Pakistani military’s desire for institutional supremacy over all other institutions especially civilian governments has created psychological and political layers to the Pakistani nation’s sense of insecurity.


Hail to the End Of Korean War – A Historic Summit

Manya writes about the summit that took place on Friday, April 27, where Kim Jong-Un, the leader of North Korea held an “openhearted talk” with the President of South Korea Moon Jae-In, reaching a “satisfactory agreement” and officially end the 65 years old Korean war.


Trump’s Decision Will Scuttle Global Peace, Denuclearization – Indian Analyst

In an interview to the Sputnik, Major General B. K. Sharma (Retired), who heads the Centre for Strategic Studies at the United Service Institution in New Delhi says the Trump’s decision to abrogate the Iranian Nuclear Deal unilaterally has the force of global disruption. It has the potential to destabilise the world. It has at the same time has drawn a wedge, and evenIndia won’t remain untouched by its Impact.