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Induction of Rocket Launchers and Light Howitzers into Indian Artillery: Is Modernisation of The Indian Army Finally on an Ascending Trajectory?

Panjrath Writes: This is with reference to a relatively inconspicuous news brief in the Defence Aviation Post of 12 May 17[i], titled “Home-made Rocket Launchers To Replace Indian Army’s Russian Origin Grad, Smerch: Report” and a much hyped news on the induction of US manufactured Light Howitzers covered by multiple media channels on 18 May 17[ii]. Both these news items are significant on various counts.

Turkey's President Erdogan greets the audience during a meeting in Ankara

The Change of the Culture

Aditya G.S writes Recep Tayyip Erdogan the president of turkey since 2014, has been vested more power voluntarily by his own people through a referendum conducted on 16 April 2017. This referendum‘s results were too narrow With 51.37% of voters agreeing for a constitutional amendment and around 48.63% of voters rejecting for the amendments of the constitution


OBOR- India’s Strong Stand on its Sovereignty

Shivangi Shrivastava Writes: When the whole south Asia and the west participated in the very much anticipated China’s OBOR meeting, which was held in Beijing on 14th and 15th may. India stood on its stand and send its clear-cut message on the resentment of the implementation of the CPEC, the flagship project of one belt one road.


Gear up for the cyber battlefield

Ramprasad P Writes: We want it or not, cyber warfare has become an inevitable threat in the modern world. Cyberspace is developing itself into the fourth wing of defence capabilities after Army, Navy and Air force. According to one of the documents of NSA, United States leaked by Edward Snowden, it clearly states that the next major conflict will start in Cyberspace


South Korean Soft Power

Nistha Sinha Writes: In the worldview, Asia is dominated by China, India and Japan in the race to become major powers. As the world obsesses over these countries, a smaller and less insignificant one has been making phenomenal progress economically despite being far smaller in size and might.