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Pakistan Conundrum: Information Warfare is the Way Ahead

Anurag Dwivedi writes: The recent Kashmir embroglio including terrorist strike on the Army garrison at Uri has resulted in a tsunami of reactions.The answer lies in Information Warfare and its integrated domains of Cyber Warfare, Electronic Warfare, Psychological Operations and Deception

Army soldiers conduct a search operation

India’s Pakistan Dilemma , Rhetorics VS Concrete Options ?

Maj Gen BK Sharma (Retd) Writes: Despite espousing a strong posture against Pakistan and despite strong provocation from that country and Indian public anger , the Government is still ambivalent in its Pakistan policy.The military brass has thundered that they will take revenge at the time and place of their choosing. How this threat is translated into action is to be seen?


Response to Uri Attack

Lt Gen Chander Prakash (Retd) writes: Much has been in the news for last about 48 hours about the attack on the Logistic Base of an Army’s Brigade Headquarters on the early hours of the morning of 18 Sep 16. Emotional rhetoric is soon changing to a logical analysis and the message emerging is “ avoid rash military action”.