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China’s Infrastructure vulnerable to Ballistic Missile attack?

Roshan Writes: Ballistic missile and its proliferation are transforming the nature of warfare. The deterrence factor associated with this technology cannot be underestimated. In the modern age, no nation can think of a full-fledged war and if some nation becomes aggressive and think that it can bulldoze its way, they should think twice about the consequences.


Three Soldiers Injured in an Accident during Army Day Parade Rehearsal

Narender writes, three paratroopers were injured during a slithering practice for the Army Day parade 2018 when the slithering boom broke and soldiers’ crash landed on the ground causing serious injuries to men and some of them may suffer disability of different nature. Whatever may be the outcome of the enquiry, but it raises serious questions on the reliability of the equipment and system being provided to the armed forces by domestic PSUs and OFB.