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Counterview– Afghanistan: Alternate Futures

Lt Gen Ghanshyam Singh Katoch paints an alternative scenario for Afghanistan if the the US persists with its withdrawal plan. He suggests a new equation between India-Pakistan and the Taliban led government.


Pakistan’s Muzzled Media

Col Shaman writes It is to the credit of Pakistan media that it has withstood strong challenges in the past with fortitude despite repeated campaign of disinformation, slander and libel, hate and virtual incitement to violence against media houses and persons by the all-powerful establishment.


Significance and Understanding the Prospects of the Development of Ad Forces/ Systems

Major Bhajan Lal Saini writes, the expansion of science and technology has left an indubitable impact on the defence strategies and systems, as well as its organisational sub-structures like the AD forces. With the exponential progress of civil aviation, the AD force of the nation is bound to be turned into a crucial component of national security strategy.


Kashmir’s Teenage Militants

Brig Narender writes, the killing of teenage terrorists in Kashmir has triggered a debate whether it was ethically correct for the security forces to kill young boys or they should have been given a chance to surrender. It also brings in question the role of parents, teachers and religious leaders.


Dynamics Of The New Great Game In Afghanistan: Implications For India

Major General BK Sharma (Retd) writes, the evolving geopolitical scenario in Afghanistan is pointing to what noted Spanish philosopher George Santayana had said: ‘‘those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. History is repeating itself in Afghanistan that has emerged as the epicentre of the ‘New Zero Sum Cold War’ in Eurasia.