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Pakistan Faces Tough Choices on Defense Spending In Future

Dr Raj Kumar Sharma writes: Stimson Center, one of the leading think tanks in the world, has come out with a report ‘Military Budgets in India and Pakistan: Trajectories, Priorities, and Risks’. Written by Shane Mason, the report analyzes how India and Pakistan convert their economic strength into military power.


Quetta Attack: Reflection Of Grave Security Situation In Pakistan

Bhatnagar writes: The unfortunate attack on the Police Training Centre in Quetta leaving 58 dead is a reflection of grave security situation in Pakistan. The instability in restive Balochistan, the troubled heartland of the CPEC, has geo-strategic implications for China to reconsider.


China Launches Two Astronauts To Space Station Mission

Sanjay Kumar writes: China’s space program has made commendable progress during the last few years. In August, 2016 China also launched the world’s first quantum satellite, aimed at achieving “hack-proof” communications between space and ground control.