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‘Unusual’ increase in Russian military flights over Europe, says NATO

International strategic experts view Russia’s show of strength in Europe a response to the victory of pro-European parties in recent Ukrainian elections.

There has been an ‘unusual increase in Russian military aircraft conducting manoeuvres over European airspace in recent days, according to statement released by NATO.

The statement said four groups of aircraft, including Tu-95 Bear bombers and MiG-31 fighters, were tracked over seas and the Atlantic Ocean.

Fighter aircraft from Norway, Britain, Portugal, Germany and Turkey were scrambled in response.

Some experts believe that Russia may be smarting from the recent blow in Ukrainian elections, in which people of that country voted to convey an unambiguous message – they wish to continue to remain closer to Europe and not be under the influence of Russia.

Ukrainians expressed widespread support for parties promising sweeping reforms, a pro-European foreign policy, and an end to the corruption that has long plagued this country of 45 million people.

Please comment on escalating tensions between Russia and the West and the possible buildup into a crisis.

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