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These Bodies Are Our Assets: Kashmiri Separatist

Brig Narender writes, there is a need to expose those who radicalise impressionable minds and use dead bodies of youth as an asset. The Government of India is not at war with the people of Kashmir. India is fighting a war with Proxies of Pakistan since 1947

It is ironical that a society where the narrative is that the bodies of slain terrorists are an asset for Azadi. Most of these separatists who encourage young boys to join terror groups on the name of Jihad have their children studying abroad away from the bloodshed on the streets. A society cannot survive for long with this kind of mind set where young children are radicalised and convinced that “Dying to Win” is Jihad. Most unfortunate part is that no one dare question these separatists for forcing young men to become cannon fodder for their selfish and motivated interest on the name of Azadi and establishment of Islamic State of Kashmir. This is a dangerous narrative and needs to be nipped in the bud before they spread this disease South of Pir Panjal.

Public at large is unable to understand the real motive of these thugs who speak the language of ISI of Pakistan. They motivate impressionable youth on the name that Government of India is at War with Muslim Population of Kashmir. And most unfortunate part is that even young educated youth from Kashmir have started articulating this manufactured lie through various forums. There is a need to explain the people of Kashmir that counterterrorist operations are not anti-Kashmiri. Because those who have chosen to wage war against the state and picked up the gun have only two options, surrender and join mainstream or face the consequences of armed struggle. Second issue is money laundering world over is a crime. Thus, if the over ground workers and members of Hurriyat are being prosecuted for money laundering, they have to face the law. If they were not prosecuted or questioned earlier that does not mean it should be condoned and they should be given licence to fuel instability through this ill gotten money on behest of some external powers.

Therefore, there is a need to expose those who radicalise impressionable minds and use dead bodies of youth as an asset. The Government of India is not at war with the people of Kashmir. India is fighting a war with Proxies of Pakistan since 1947, and the people of Kashmir should fight against proxies of Pakistan to prevent assault on culture, Kashmiriyat and the State of Jammu & Kashmir.

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2 thoughts on “These Bodies Are Our Assets: Kashmiri Separatist

  1. Ghanshyam Singh Katoch says:

    In most of the conflict zones this is the state. The elite have their families staying abroad safe and sound. The common man and his children are the cannon fodder who remain in the conflict zone. Whether the Taliban, whether the NSCN(IM), the Manipuri groups etc, whether the NUG leaders in Afghanistan, whether the Hurriyat or whether the various groups in the Middle East; they have their safe bases either abroad or in peaceful areas of the same country from which they want to secede.

  2. Surender says:

    The ongoing terrorism in Kashmir is due to poor strategy to tackle Pakistan sponsored proxy war. Had our leaders taught Pakistan a final lesson just three decades back, the scene would have been totally different. Each and every terrorist action should have resulted in appropriate response directed at Pakistan Army itself strong and clear. Pakistan Army has always been getting away with its designs without paying for the war crimes. The Congress government not only weakened India economically and militarily but also demoralised the nation and again got trapped in Pak engineered terrorism in Punjab.

    Pakistan played its cards  in a planned manner for beginning proxy war in Kashmir using Punjab insurgency as a platform to launch it in which Indian government and elements in Punjab got entangled thus weakening India and Punjab with one strategy. Pakistan did achieve what it wanted that is to bleed India with many cuts which included keeping Indian Army bogged down in Kashmir so that Pak Army was kept relaxed to engage its neighbours at borders and to crush rebels within. A time has come to stroke its soft under belly the water resources which India is permitting it to use.

    Government of India should have come down on sponsors of terrorism, ISI, the Pak Army and its politicians with heavy hand and should have forced them to account for  these acts of war.

    Our weak kneed politicians fell for Pak’s poison laid sweet advances at the cost of lives of our soldiers.

    1947 and 1971 was perfect opportunity to teach a lesson. However it is also true and certain absolutely that Providence does give an opportunity to evil devil to call it a day into extinction. It is coming and do not miss it.

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