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The Weaponization of Economy: A Strategic Foreign Policy Tool  

Srijan Sharma Writes today’s economics is weaponized and the intention of weaponization is to attain foreign policy and strategic goals in various geopolitical landscapes. Parallelly, alternatives and escaping or withstanding mechanisms are in making especially in the backdrop of the Russia Ukraine conflict.

The Indo-Pacific Scan of Russia Ukraine Crises Spillover.

Srijan Sharma Writes, the spillover of Russia-Ukraine conflict in the Indo-Pacific cannot be underestimated the spillover of this conflict has the potential to impact and shake the strategic and security calculus of the Indo-Pacific region. It would severely tighten the situation because the region is already filled with flashpoints and strategic competition.

Chinese Foreign Minister in New Delhi: Another Attempt to Bring Change or It Is a Cashing Opportunity?

Srijan Sharma writes, Chinese Foreign Minister’s recent visit to India might have layers of genuine and deceptive interests; India, however after engaging with China extensively both at diplomatic and military levels has now realised China’s deceptiveness and dictums that subsequently follows. India maintained its strong stance towards China and cleared its priorities for normalisation of relations.

Disengagement in Ladakh 

  Major General Jagatbir Singh comments upon the recent agreement regarding the withdrawal of troops from the Northern and Southern banks of the Pangong Tso reached after prolonged and numerous […]

Military Diplomacy & Negotiation I: The Premiere

This is the First in a Series of Blog articles on Military Diplomacy and Negotiation. In this article Maitrayee Jha lays the foundation for the follow on blogs. She brings out the importance of structured studying of past negotiations and formal military diplomacy and learning from them in an institutionalised manner for conflict resolution.