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Beneath The Black Veil

Lekshmi P. B writes, ISIS is becoming more powerful than before. They have widened their links and connections all over the world. Threat does not come from an organisational pattern or from the so-called caliphate or Al-Baghdadi himself. But the ecosystem has also given access to ISIS to become powerful

Islamic State Names new Emir in ‘Bengal’

Brig Narender writes, suicide attacks on multiple religious places in Sri Lanka have given impetus to the ideology of Islamic State of Khurasan (IS-K). Nominating a new Emir of Bengal is letting the world know Islamic State is present in South Asia.

UN warns Bangladesh Rohingya Long-Term Stay Likely

Brig Narender writes, Presence of such a large number of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh itself is a security threat to India. The youths are an easy target of radicals and Islamic terrorists. The Arakan Liberation Army is already active in Rakhine State and may soon find their foot prints in Bangladesh and North east India.