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Strategic Gaming Exercise on Left Wing Extremisim






  • The Strategic Gaming Exercise  for the National Defence College was conducted by USI from 06 to 08 April 2015. The exercise setting was focused on Left Wing Extremism (LWE) in the backdrop of emerging Internal Security (IS) scenarioin the country in a time spectrum of 2015 – 2017.
  • The aim of exercise was to enable participants to understand dynamics of LWE, assess emerging IS scenarios and formulate comprehensive policy and strategic response.
  • Scenarios highlighted increased violence across the LWE states and the overall deteriorating IS situation. Participants were divided in nine syndicates, to play the role of top level policy makers  at the Centre, the States and other related organisations. Syndicates were guided by eminent mentors, having first-hand experience in handling the IS situations in the country. 
  • USI Core Team Lt Gen P K Singh, PVSM, AVSM (Retd) – Director, USI. Maj Gen B K Sharma, AVSM, SM**(Retd) -Deputy Director Research and Head of Centre for Strategic Studies, USI. Maj Gen P K Goswami, VSM (Retd) – Distinguished Fellow, USI and exercise coordinator
  • .Mentors
  • Shri Anil Goswami, IAS (Retd) -Former Home Secretary.Lt Gen PC Katoch, PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, SC (Retd) – An accomplished security analyst.Lt Gen Gautam Banerjee, PVSM, AVSM, YSM (Retd) – An accomplished security analyst.

    Brig B K Ponwar, AVSM, VSM (Retd) -Director CTJW College, Chhattisgarh.

    Shri P K Mishra, IPS (Retd) -Former Addl DG, BSF.

    Shri O P Singh, IPS – DG NDRF.

    Shri GiridhariNayak, IPS – DG (Prison & Home Guard), Chhattisgarh. Former IG Bastar Range.

    Shri Stephen Raveendra, IPS – DIG (OPS) Greyhounds, Telangana.

    • Analysis of socio-political dynamics of Tribal areas & causes of LWE growth.
    • Understanding Maoists Ideology, Strategic Thought and Execution.
    • Linkages – Internal and External Players.
    • Appraisal of Govtpolicies, mechanisms and execution, both at the State and the Centre level.
    • Causes and Motives of Non-Implementation of Constitutional Safeguards – Schedule 5 and Schedule 9.
    • Gaps in Capacity – Security, Intelligence  & Devlopment – Integration and Synergy.
    • Decision Making – During Multiple Criticalities and Dilemmas – Multi-Faceted I S Threats.
    • Analyse Employment of  Armed Forces (Supportive  or Full Involvement).
    • Analyse Dilemmas and Alternatives – Strategic Options.
    • Identification of Fresh  Policy Initiatives – Centre and States.
    • Comprehensive Policy & Strategic Options – National & State Level.

    Importance of Human Rights organisation, NGOs, media and perception

    • Opening Scenario–  The narrative provided background details of county’s political scenario and IS developments up to 2015 including emerging profile in the LWE affected states, and security scenario in remainder country. It encompassed details of Maoists Movement; along with their ideology, organisation, strategy, tactics and trends. The government response in the form of existing policies, programmes, structures and mechanisms to control LWE in the country were also included.
    • Scenario One   It  highlighted the fault-lines in the national security architecture and inadequacies of response by the Centre, States and other stakeholders. It depicted  continued and increased violence in LWE affected States during 2016-17. Triggers incorporated were to demonstrate public outcry and clamour for the more effective involvement of the Centre, States and other stakeholders.
    • Requirement – Each syndicate was tasked to present their assessment and way forward, as per the requirements.


  • Day One  F/N    Discussion within syndicate,  with   mentors and interaction with other syndicates     A/N  Coordinating Conference under a shadow   of Ministry of Home Affairs Day Two  F/N  Discussion with mentors and finalisation   of Presentation   A/N  Presentation  by syndicates  Day Three  F/N  Presentation by syndicates     A/N  Panel Discussion and Summing Up   
  • Picture1NDC3NDC4



  • What are the emerging shifts in ideology, org, strategy, tactics and modus operandi of Maoists?
  •  Are there any credible reports of Maoists networking with other IIGs and external agencies?
  • What are Maoists strongholds in Tribal belt?  What   extent of popular support they receive from the local population?
  • What is your assessment of LWE activities up to 2017?
  • State ResponseAssessment of Centre and State response to deal with LWE, with particular reference to:- 
    • Policy and Strategy. 
    • Constitutional safeguards.
    • Schemes and programmes.
    • Capacity building of CPOs.
    • Integration of intelligence
    • Integration of intra and interstate development and security agencies.
    • Coordination issues. 
    • Perception management
    • Way AheadViews on combating LWE in an effective manner with reference to :-  
      • Changes in policy and strategy.
      • NATGRID, NCTC, SCTC and

      Unified Command. 

      • Injection of high-end technology for intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and surgical targeting. 
      • Infrastructure and governance penetration in the strongholds. 
      • Capacity building of SF. 
      • Centre – State, Inter & intra State coordination. 
      • Support from the armed forces. 
      • Perception management.  
      • NDC5NDC6
    • NDC7NDC8
    • What changes are visualised in Strategy and Tactics of Maoists, to ensure its survival and for continuation of LWE movement?
    • What should be the focus of modernization and restructuring of the state police and CAPFs for counter guerrilla and counter terrorist operations?
    • What are the causes for non-implementation of Forest Rights Act, Schedule 5 and 9 of the Constitution, and policy on displacement, rehabilitation and compensation to the tribal population?
    • NDC9
    • NDC10
      •   Summing up by
      • Maj Gen B K SHARMA, AVSM, SM**(Retd)
      •  Dy Director Research, USI           
    • NDC11          

      • Closing remarks by
      • Lt Gen N S Ghai, AVSM**
      • Commandant, NDC                    


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