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Use Of Media In Conflict Situations

Kudrat Soin Writes: The media has the power of delivering strong messages that influence its viewers greatly — negatively or positively. The role that the media of the country played […]

Story of J&K Accession with India

Shri Ashok Bhan, Senior Advocate
Supreme Court of India and Distinguished Fellow USI writes, While Jammu and Kashmir legally became the crown of the Indian Union. It is an utmost duty for every citizen to protect this crown, its pride and glory. The peoples glory of Jammu and Kashmir is associated with the splendour of India.

The Lowdown on Hitech Wars

Lieutenant General Ghanshyam Singh Katoch writes: The photographs above of Major General Chris Donahue and Colonel General Boris Gormov, the last commanders and men to symbolise exit from Afghanistan of […]