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LWE: From Naxalites Point of View

Thumati Yoganandha Reddy writes about the Left Wing Extremism problem, the political and the social grievances in rural areas behind it.

           LWE has become a regular issue in India’s internal security threats. Naxals have been operating in several parts of the country. It has been there from the 60s and 70s and different parts of the country have been affected with different levels of naxal violence. We know about the recent attack in Maharashtra and also about the attacks in recent years. It is really hard to understand their point of view by standing in our position. So, I request you to see from their point of view.

India is the world’s third fastest growing economy with bright future ahead but still there are people who are starving for food, looking for justice, clothes to wear, place to shelter, right educational institutions, jobs to prove themselves. So, people who have faced injustice or lost faith in government and belief in society better than the present one choose to fight for the better society through the principles of Marx, Lenin and Stalin. I don’t blame anyone because only the person who has experienced the pain of starvation, and lost belief in his life because of government’s negligence, irresponsibility or inability. I also support government that it isn’t easy to look over every edge of the Indian state but it isn’t hard too.

Mostly, we can find these people (who have lost faith in Indian state) in the rural areas that are far from urban areas and near to forests with no infrastructure and no officers with experience to deal the issues and offices without the surveillance of an IAS makes them more powerful to misuse the power against the villagers. This poor situation of villagers has opened doors for Naxals , support of villagers by brain washing them and making forests near to villages as their home.

LWE, method of fighting? Their way of fighting reminds me the example of frog in hot water. When you put a frog in a flask &heat it up slowly the frog will never jump out , it is slowly being cooked to perfection, but if you put a frog in a hot water, it jumps and escapes. So, there trying to do same to India, boiling( creating chaos through bomb blasts, attacks on leaders, police men) her slowly to perfection(overthrow Indian state). Mostly, they prefer guerrilla warfare form of attacks that is hit-and -run tactics and mobility, to fight a larger and less-mobile traditional military as they are outnumbered by the Indian army.

There is no alternative to face this problem but development (Infrastructure in rural areas, providing educational facilities and livlihood), India should stand for them, give them opportunities for development and earn their trust. So, there will be no need to fight against Indian state for naxals and also to turn in to a naxalite. I respect their cause for fighting but not the way they chose to fight through creating instability in the country and making people suffer.

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