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Kurds May Not Forget Turkish Betrayal in Kobane for Years

Contradictions in Turkey’s policy objectives in Syria, namely overthrowing the Assad regime, fighting the ISIS and rolling back Kurdish autonomy all at once has left it in a bind. The confusion is obvious on the Turkey-Syria border, where the country’s armored vehicles and tanks are waiting but not yet assisting beleaguered Kurdish fighters in warding off the ISIS advance. It is even reported that Turks have acted to prevent Kurdish volunteers from reaching the combat zone in recent days. Thus, the fall of the key Kurdish enclave of Kobane on the Syria-Turkey border seems inevitable. Its loss might entail large scale massacre of Kurdish population and leave a bitter legacy of Kurdish distrust and hate toward Turkey for years to come.

Has the ISIS managed to involved Turkey in a rapidly degenerating security scenario across the region. We invite your comments on the unraveling situation.

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