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Herat Security Dialogue III: Deliberations on Fundamental Shifts in Afghanistan and the Region

The Herat Security Dialogue is an annual event of the Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies. It aims to bring together a wide spectrum of people ranging from scholars, diplomats media persons, government officials and representatives from international organizations and civil society as well. It is a forum that provides excellent opportunity to all stakeholders in the peace and stability of the region to discuss issues of common interests. In the process of interaction, new ideas and perspectives are thrown up and debated.


Group photograph of participants at the Herat Security Dialogue III
Group photograph of participants at Herat Security Dialogue III

The Third Herat Security Dialogue (27- 28 September 2014) was held amid fundamental shifts taking place in Afghanistan and the region. The draw down date for the coalition forces is fast approaching and hence the unfolding security scenario, both within Afghanistan and the region, came up for discussion in a major way. Secondly, the political standoff between the two Presidential candidates has been recently settled. Sharing of power is a new concept in the fledgling democracy and Afghans hope that it works out to their benefit. Thirdly, the economic condition of the country demands urgent attention.

In view of the above fundamental changes, the Dialogue contributed to better understanding of issues and perspectives among the participants.

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