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Countries must prevent citizens from joining ISIS: UN Security Council Resolution

After much vacillation, the Obama administration has finally decided to launch a comprehensive, UN-backed international campaign against the terror of ISIS

It couldn’t have been more unequivocal and unanimous. The United Nations Security Council on Wednesday unanimously approved a resolution demanding countries toughen their laws to prevent the flow of foreign fighters to terror groups like the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The 15-0 vote was held with President Obama chairing the committee called on nations to prosecute and penalize those affiliated with terror groups, prevent the entry or transit of individuals linked to terrorism, and target funding for terror groups. The nations will also share intelligence through Interpol.

It is heartening to note that after much vacillation, the Obama administration has decided to launch an effective campaign against ISIS in earnest and the international community, particularly the UN, are rallying behind in unison.  We elicit your comments on the prospects of this campaign and the effectiveness of this strategy.


To read the full text of the UN Security Council Resolution kindly click at this link

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