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DOnald Trump


Is Military a Central Pillar of the State? 

Brig Narender writes, whenever the President of the United States makes “State of the Union Address” far right corner front two rows (as seen from the podium) are reserved for military commanders. The US knows that if it is strong and a global power, it is because of its military prowess. If it is able to implement a world order that ensures supremacy, dominance and protection of vital national interests the US, it is certainly a strong military.


Trump-Kim Summit: Ending Wargames in South-Korea and embracing the Nuclear Madman

Aiman writes, Trump’s decision to meet Kim personally at the Singapore summit poses less likely a possibility that he will threaten to rain fire and fury on the North. Hopefully, Kim too will remain restrained about missile and rocket launches, thereby providing the Koreans and Japanese with a peace of mind and sound sleep at night