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Maybe, it’s too early to write off the US and call the 21st Century an Asian Age

Veteran strategist Dr Anthony H. Cordesman writes that the tendency among some experts to presume the decline of the US and the rise of Asia as a given is too premature an assumption. In addition, the geopolitical guru avers that to assert America’s pivot to Asia (mainly the Far East) at the expense of its involvement in the Middle East is also unfounded.


Saudi Arabia’s $750 Billion Gamble Drives Oil Below $54 per barrel

With oil prices falling on January 6, 2015 below $54 a barrel, the decision by Saudi Arabia not to cut oil production despite its record $38.6 billion deficit has bewildered oil markets. The Kingdom is said to have accumulated $750 billion in foreign currency reserves which it is reportedly willing to put on the line in its global campaign of not being the only swing state responsible for stabilizing oil prices.