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Strengthening Ties with Nepal

Col S K Shahi writes:Nepal occupies a unique geo-strategic position where diplomacy is seen to be in constant play, as the former Himalayan kingdom is sandwiched between the two Asian giants – China and India.

nuclear sub

India to Acquire Second Nuclear Submarine from Russia

Dr. Roshan Khaniejo writes: India has decided to lease a second nuclear submarine from Russia. It already has a 8,140-tonne Akula Class submarine renamed INS Chakra , which was also leased from Russia in 2011. If the trial goes as desired then in the next two years, India can become the sixth country to have developed niche technical capability to build and operate a nuclear sub.


Pak Army Baying for Blood: There’s More to Fighting Terror Than Hanging Convicts

MH Rajesh writes: Pakistan government’s move to hang 3,000 terror convicts in the wake of the Peshawar carnage will create the perception of instant justice and will cater to a baser sense of revenge. The real solution lies in purging jihadi elements from all walks of Pakistani society. But will the Army and the government show the will and ability to affect this change, remains an open question.