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nuclear weapon


Col Pamidi writes: While Iran has accepted limits on its enrichment levels and centrifuge numbers to prevent the accumulation of weapons-grade material for a decade or more, its right to enrich uranium would be enshrined as a result of the agreement.


Armed Forces Need to Learn from the CDA(O) Hack and Protect their Critical Information

Sanjeev Relia writes: The Times of India newspaper recently reported that the Controller of Defence Accounts (officers) website at Pune had been hacked into and sensitive data about Indian Army officers had been stolen. A quick check of the web page shows that the hacker had defaced the website too. This instance highlights India’s poor preparedness poorly in protecting sensitive information against new methods of surveillance and espionage, particularly in the cyber domain.


Islamic State: The Money Behind the Monstrosity

In an Op-Ed article for the newspaper ‘Economic Times’, Dr Adil Rasheed (Senior Research Scholar of the USI) has written how the Islamic State or the ISIS has developed a “hybrid form of funding” that relies on a mafia-inspired business model that feeds on extortion, looting, kidnapping, smuggling and racketeering.