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Way Forward To the J&K Imbroglio

Sandeep Jain Writes:The J&K imbroglio has been a much debated and written about subject and is a part of national consciousness. This has been more pronounced due to its linkage to cross border terrorism. Thus every time a terrorist strike takes place or Indo-Pak talks are on the anvil, this issue comes up for discussion in a direct or indirect manner.

Kazakhstan to enter WTO

Kazakhstan in WTO

Nivedita Das Kundu writes: Kazakhstan’s accession to WTO is a significant step for Kazakh government for achieving economic prosperity. However, there are still few obstacles that Kazakhstan has to overcome to become full member of WTO by end of 2015



Sandeep Jain Writes:The Government has to take steps to actively facilitate movement of population to countries in Middle East, Europe, USA and anywhere else. This should be in form of ensuring their legal rights, ensuring much better counselor services, even subsidies for the initial travel arrangements etc.