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Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Will the Magic Reappear of 2014?

Harshil writes, If BJP is to win they will have to exercise the untapped ricochet potential of the South states, the 2014 election got BJP less than 20 seats of which major ones are from Karnataka (Yeddyurrapa Barron brothers), one from Tamil Nadu and one from AP.


Rohingyas – Refugees or citizens of Myanmar?

Palak writes, Rohingyas deserve their country’s citizenship from the very beginning itself but they couldn’t access it.
Even today the government doesn’t really seems to want to make their lives any better.

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The Ethics of using Data Analytics in Elections

Sandra writes, whatever we do especially on social media is recorded and studied in comparison with that maybe millions of others, and the analytical tools can influence people’s choices by evading their rational thinking and pose an ethical threat.