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USI conducts Strategic Gaming Exercise Focusing on Strategic Competition in West Asia & Af-Pak Region

USI conducts Strategic Gaming Exercise-II – Strategic Competition in West Asia & Af-Pak Region from 11 to 13 October 2017. The aim of SGE – II was to expose the participants to the process of analysing dynamics of conflicts in West Asia, Af-Pak region and China-Pakistan Nexus; impact on regional and national security and formulation of comprehensive response strategy in keeping with national interests.


3rd Afghanistan – India Security Dialogue: 08 Sep 2017 – A Report

A Track 1.5 event during which the high ranking officials and esteemed strategic experts from the two countries deliberated over the evolving Indo-Afghanistan relations in a broader geopolitical context and suggested policy recommendation for enlarging cooperation for the peace building in Afghanistan.


Workshop on Tibet

A USI-Tibetan Joint Workshop on “Tibet: Environment, Water Management, Division of the Plateau and China’s Ownership of Tibetan Buddhism” was organised on 15 September 2017.