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Exercise Kootneeti – Strategic Gaming Exercise for 47th Higher Command Course At Army War College Mhow: 24-26 July 2018

Ex-KootNeeti was conducted for students of Higher Command Course- 47 (HCC-47) as a Strategic Gaming Ex (SGE) at Army War College Mhow on 24 and 26 July 2018. The Aim of the exercise was to provide an exposure to participants in analysing dynamics of China’s growing influence in the IOR, its impact on regional and national security and formulation of comprehensive response strategy in keeping with national interests.


Why the Indian Army Must Understand its Angst to Avoid Losing its Mojo

Lt Gen Ghanshyam Katoch writes, military social media is buzzing with the angst of the army over losing its mojo, and their laments appear to be drawing no understanding of their point of view from the anyone who matters. If the army is losing its Mojo, then the army needs to understand why this is happening. To do that it needs to know what gives it, it’s Mojo.The army’s Mojo comes from its organizational culture — and the respect that society holds it in. At the same time, military must come to grips with the realisation that it has to share space with other luminaries.


India’s ‘Eye In The Sky’ for Vietnam

Subhasish writes, the station at Ho Chi Minh City is unique in that it will enable data reception. This means that in addition to enabling ISRO to track satellites launched from India, it will be equipped to receive images from India’s earth observation satellites. Vietnam can use these images in return for granting India the tracking site.


The Next Five Years for Pakistan

Brig Narender writes, Imran is seen as the puppet PM of Army and thus it is uncertain whether Imran will be able to emerge out of the shadow of Army or will remain a prisoner of policies of Pak Army. No matter how good is the intent of Imran to improve the relations with India, but it is unlikely that he will be given space by Pak Army, Jihadi elements in his government and opposition to develop good relations with India.