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Wuhan Meet: A Twist in Relations or Diplomatic Engagement

Hardik writes, India’s objective in going to the Wuhan summit might have been with the ambition of China respecting its sensitive’s ranging from Pakistan terrorists from being shielded. It might be with the hope that China will not restrict its entry in NSG.

World Diamond Conference

India’s Defence Minister Visits Russia

Rahul writes, with the growing China’s geographical dispute with India it is necessary for India to foster the ties with Russia and other small countries which are located in the Asia- Pacific region. India also should not depend completely on the Russian economy for the arms and should reduce the defense import from Russia.


India-China Informal Summit

Challa Sruthi writes, India China informal summit is based on the believe that India and China are major emerging economies in the world, and they can jointly create an impact of global significance.


India and World’s Trend Towards Increasing Budget in Defence Sector

Aneesh writes, defence expenditure is an important component of national security and every country allocates a significant portion of its resources for this purpose. However, given the scarcity of resources and the competing demands from other sectors, a nation’s ability to meet all its Defence requirements is not unlimited.


India and France Conduct Final Phase of Varuna Naval Exercise Near Reunion Island:

Avala Gnaneswar writes, both France and India decided to strengthen the coordination between the regional and international bodies which leads to the transparent and comprehensive structure in cooperation. France boosted the participation at the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) and France congratulated India’s leadership at IORA.