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USI Conducted a A Strategic Panel Discussion for Diplomats, from ASEAN Countries,
Undergoing Special Course at the Foreign Service Institute (FSI), New Delhi on 22 AUG 2017…….

India Relentless Drought

Water as a Strategic Issue in India

Nihar Kuanr Writes: Steps need to be initiated on war-footing to address the water issue in a holistic manner. Water is a strategic asset for India. The Government, policy-makers, think tank and the public need to be sensitised on this issue. The National security and strategic narrative be framed accordingly.


Doklam : The Information Warfare Campaign and A Solution

Anurag Dwivedi Writes: Since withdrawal and concessions are no longer an option thanks to the IW campaigns on both side, the correct way forward may be that neither side withdraws and instead both China and Bhutan create a temporary post in Doklam held by a mutually decided administratively viable strength of one platoon each.