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Data Protection and Privacy

Subhasish Writes: With the exponential proliferation of digital data, its protection and the resultant privacy issues have posed technical, administrative and legal challenges.


Belt And Road Initiative: Casting The Net Wider

Anurag writes, A Chess Tournament called “Belt and Road 2017” is about to conclude. A school team tournament called the First Chongqing Belt and Road Chess International was played in the month of September 2017. The Belt and Road Haikou Youth Football Tournament was played out in November. China is clearly investing in soft power and also extending the scope of its Belt and Road initiative to sports and cultural realms, particularly involving the youth. A firm resolve to execute President Xi Jinping’s ideology is also evident


Playing Taiwan Card Dangerous for New Delhi

Narender writes, India as a sovereign nation is entitled to enter into a bilateral economic activity with another nation. India should not be taking sanction from China with whom it should have economic, political, diplomatic and military cooperation on the principle of equality and mutual interest.