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Pakistan’s Efforts at Creating Second Strike Capability – ‘Jugaad’?

Rajiv Writes, Pakistan is retro-fitting all its Agosta – 90B submarines with an AIP (air independent propulsion system) that enables the boat to stay submerged for 45 – 60 days, three times longer than a normal diesel –electric submarine.[2]. It thus provides Pakistan Armed Forces with an ‘optimally economic’ solution, since it entire capability building is ‘India-Centric’.


The US Withdrawal from the Iran Deal

Granth writes, with the announcement of withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran, President Trump emphasized upon the fact that his government will again impose “highest level of economic sanctions” on Iran since it will not allow “a regime that chants ‘Death to America’” to acquire nuclear arsenal.


Putin Begins 4th Term as Russian President

Shruti writes, Putin has earned himself six more years of space in the global muscle flexing space and whilst he still reigns over the largest country on the planet the West, Middle-East and East all need to be wary of the penultimate moves that will be played now.


Karnataka Assembly Election 2018

Tulsi writes, better Indian National Congress government or a coalition government in Karnataka rather than BJP as its tenure (2008-2013) was marked with corruption and scandals.