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Small / Nano Satellites Ushering New Era

Sanjay Kumar writes: The advancement in technology and development of mini/ nano components for high resolution imagery, has opened a new frontier in Space ; with smaller satellites able to serve the same purpose as larger satellite and given the redundancy factor clubbed with low cost, nano satellites are garnering greater support.


Laser Weapons on Battlefield: Space next?

Sanjay Kumar writes: Even if laser weapons make it into the theatre of war in the 2020s, they’ll only be used to target incoming projectiles or unmanned vehicles for the foreseeable future, as Geneva Conventions restricts the use of directed energy or blinding laser weapons against human beings.


NASA Building Space Shotgun To Blast Asteroids

Sanjay Kumar Writes: Scientists at NASA are working on a giant space shotgun capable of smashing rocks out of asteroids. It is hoped the shotgun will allow experts test asteroid strength and will eventually be used as part of NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM).