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New Study Highlights Shortcomings in China’s Military Transformation

A recent study by RAND states that whilst PLA is becoming more professional and more capable with regards to deterring or, if necessary, countering US military intervention in the Asia-Pacific region, this transformation remains incomplete. There are perceived gaps between current PLA capabilities and the demands of winning a local war under informatized conditions and successfully executing the PLA’s other missions.


A Cyber Pearl Harbor Can Happen In India Too

Sanjeev Relia points out that India is in a race against time to build effective infrastructure to ward off a major cyber attack and that private industry needs to join hands with government agencies in this great task.


Threat of Drones with WMDs: Why India Should be as Concerned as the Pentagon

The Pentagon has put out a Request For Information (RFI) for new technologies that could counter commercial drones armed with chemical, biological or highly destructive weapons. It is high time Indian military equip itself not only with the most sophisticated drones but also with technology to shoot down hostile UAVs entering our airspace.