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Picture illustration taken in Zenica shows man typing on a keyboard in front of a computer screen on which an Islamic State flag is displayed

Countering Cyber Ribat

Rohit Mehrotra writes: The Islamic State is utilising the cyber domain to pursue its ominous designs and even getting in to the realms of Information Warfare.

Narendra Modi, Sheikh Hasina

India-Bangladesh Relations on a High

Raj Kumar Sharma writes: Bangladesh is a bridge between India and ASEAN countries and the recent agreements will help India for taking positive steps in this direction.


India Needs to Strengthen Its Cyber Security

Rohit Mehrotra writes: In times to come, the cyber-attacks and espionage in cyber domain is bound to see a northward trend with plethora of means and expertise available to the hackers (both state sponsored and non-state actors).


Cyber Kidnapping is a Reality

Sanjeev Relia writes: Unless personal and public data is protected like we protect money in vaults, individuals, organisations and even the nation may become victim of cyber kidnapping soon.



Sanjeev Relia writes: December 2015 saw the critical infrastructure of a nation being disrupted by a cyber attack for the first time. Attacks supposedly carried out by Russian hackers cut power to more than 600,000 homes in Ukraine in late December.