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New Study Highlights Shortcomings in China’s Military Transformation

A recent study by RAND states that whilst PLA is becoming more professional and more capable with regards to deterring or, if necessary, countering US military intervention in the Asia-Pacific region, this transformation remains incomplete. There are perceived gaps between current PLA capabilities and the demands of winning a local war under informatized conditions and successfully executing the PLA’s other missions.


Uranium Tracking and the Double Standard

In her response to Mark Hibb’s recent article in the magazine The Diplomat, Dr. Roshan Khaniejo of the USI refutes the call for tracking India’s imported uranium as being unduly alarmist and smacking of Western double standard in its dealings with India’s responsible nuclear policy.


Modi-Obama-Nuclear Agreement

Dr Roshan writes – As far as the nuclear issues are concerned have the two countries been able to break the nuclear logjam in the civil nuclear arena?