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Conventional Threats - 3. page

File photo of an underwater test-firing of a strategic submarine ballistic missile is seen in this undated photo released by North Korea's KCNA

North Korea’s Missile Test

M H Rajesh writes: In a sign of complacency, many analysts had dismissed an earlier photograph of Kim Jong Un himself next to a missile popping out water as a handiwork of image manipulation.


J&K: India takes bold and realistic stand

Dr Raj Kumar Sharma writes: It is right move by the Indian government to increase its outreach to people of PoK and include their neglected narrative in the J&K debate.


The American ‘Left of Launch’ Defense Strategy

Dr. Roshan Writes: One of the reason for developing this can be that the Americans are contemplating developing ‘Full Spectrum Response’, which is going to include a full new approach to the BMD’ specially incorporating ‘Left of Launch’ and non-kinetic warfare as they will be more cost-effective.



Sandeep Jain writes: To an extent this initial presence has the potential to become a precursor to a more permanent deployment over a period of time. The host countries would therefore be well advised to weigh all options carefully before going into any such agreement.