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Miscellaneous - 32. page


Panama Papers – Failing of Cyber Security

Apoorva Singegol Writes: In the last few weeks the leak of the documents from the Panamanian Law firm reveals as to how the elite and powerful people launder money, dodge sanctions and how they are indulging in illegal tax activities.


Naxalism: The Greatest Threat to Internal Security till Date?

Rashmi Ramesh Writes: Insurgency is not a new phenomenon in India.It has been a part and parcel of the innumerable challenges faced by the country since its independence.One such threat to internal security is the existence Left Wing Extremism (LWE) also known as Maoism or Naxalism


The ISIS threat to India: De-radicalising the youth

Pratyush Manoj Writes: Recently, an Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) cell was busted in the state of Madhya Pradesh through joint operations of MP police and the Intelligence Bureau. A total of five youngsters were nabbed who were appointed to recruit as well as carry out terror strikes


CPEC: A $46 Billion Project To Develop Pakistan Or Contain India?

Sweetlin Brahmachary Writes: Pakistan is not leaving any stone unturned to cooperate with China for the implementation of the numerous developmental projects under CPEC. Although the corridor is of great significance to the China-Pakistan nexus, India has shown its disapproval for this economic corridor.