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Miscellaneous - 27. page

Indian army soldiers salute at a war memorial during "Vijay Diwas" in Srinagar

Superannuating Army Jawans – Precious National Resource Being Wasted ?

Sanjay Kumar Writes:Every year about 40,000 JCOs /OR superannuate from service, of these 90 percent i.e. approx. 36,000 are Jawans in the age group of 35 to 39 years. These highly trained, physically fit and mentally robust, disciplined, dedicated, motivated youth with vast potential gets wasted every year.


India Reaches Out to Africa

Raj Kumar Sharma writes: The recently concluded India-Africa Summit in New Delhi was one of India’s most ambitious diplomatic outreach events in over two decades since the Non Aligned Summit in 1983.


“Digital Counterinsurgency Against Islamic State“

Rohit Mehrotra Writes: Abuse of social media and internet by various extremists and terror groups for promoting their ideology, showcasing their exploits and recruitment of personnel into their fold is on the rise.