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Miscellaneous - 2. page


National Initiatives on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Subhashish writes, the Government of India has started addressing the need to harness the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is a welcome move considering the development made by China in this field. On 20 July 2017, China’s State Council released “A Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan” that dwells on the national blueprint for development of AI capabilities with broad goals till 2030 by when it intends to “lead the world”.


Naga Boycott: Centre Must Come Clean On the 2015 Framework Accord

Narender writes, Naga tribes of the North East had high aspirations from the Framework Agreement and if the talks breakdown on election issue it will be a set back to the entire peace and development process in the North East. Danger is that it will also have adverse impact on future negotiations and conflict resolution efforts of the government with other parties to the conflict.


A man, a plan, a canal…Thailand?

Gaurav writes, China now seeks to help Thailand in one of its grand projects of building the Kra canal – a long-envisioned channel through the country’s southern isthmus that would connect the Indian and Pacific Oceans and dramatically shorten East-West shipping routes.


Shadow Armies: The Unseen, But Real US War In Africa

Narender writes, Africa is facing one of the most critical periods in the history where Islamic Jihad ideology is causing instability in oil rich 22 North African nations and there is a scramble to control resource rich Sub Sahara region. The race to control natural resources has gained momentum and US and its European allies are being challenged by Russia and rising China.


Three Soldiers Injured in an Accident during Army Day Parade Rehearsal

Narender writes, three paratroopers were injured during a slithering practice for the Army Day parade 2018 when the slithering boom broke and soldiers’ crash landed on the ground causing serious injuries to men and some of them may suffer disability of different nature. Whatever may be the outcome of the enquiry, but it raises serious questions on the reliability of the equipment and system being provided to the armed forces by domestic PSUs and OFB.