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Shia-Sunni Tensions rise in West Asia

Raj Kumar Sharma writes: The terror charges notwithstanding, the real reason behind execution of Nimr seems to be geopolitical rivalry between Shia majority Iran and Sunni dominated Saudi Arabia in Middle East and their ambitions to lead the region.


Saudi Led Anti-Terror Alliance: A Reality Check

Raj Kumar Sharma writes: The project looks doubtful from the very beginning and their motive is under scanner. Two of the key countries, Pakistan and Lebanon have claimed that they had no clue they were in the coalition.


Russia-Turkey and the Syrian War

Raj Kumar Sharma writes: Dangers of Syria’s internationalised conflict have become manifest with the recent tensions between Russia and Turkey. Russia has decided to resort to economic warfare against Turkey after Ankara shot down a Russian SU-24 warplane operating in Syria over allegations of violating Turkish airspace.


The ISIS and a Nuclear Weapon in West Asia

The ISIS has claimed it is closer to buying a nuclear bomb from Pakistan and smuggling it into the US. In an article, titled the “The Perfect Storm” apparently penned by British hostage John Cantlie for the terror group’s magazine, Dabiq, they say that the scenario is ‘more possible today than it was just one year ago’. In this exclusive article for the USI, Colonel GG Pamidi states that while the risks of ISIS getting a nuclear bomb are small, they are not zero.