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West Asia


USI conducts Strategic Gaming Exercise Focusing on Strategic Competition in West Asia & Af-Pak Region

USI conducts Strategic Gaming Exercise-II – Strategic Competition in West Asia & Af-Pak Region from 11 to 13 October 2017. The aim of SGE – II was to expose the participants to the process of analysing dynamics of conflicts in West Asia, Af-Pak region and China-Pakistan Nexus; impact on regional and national security and formulation of comprehensive response strategy in keeping with national interests.


Peace Mission for Syria

Lieutenant General Chander Prakash writes: The most likely scenario for an end to the conflict in Syria would require a regionally led solution involving Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia with the eventual backing of the US and Russia.


ISIS Attacks – No Respite

Shantanu Roy-Chaudhury writes: The disbelief and backlash from Muslims all over the world condemning the attacks may act as the adhesive required to combat this growing threat.


Developing India-Israel Relations

Shantanu Roy-Chaudhury writes: Israel and India established full diplomatic relations in 1992. Ever since, there has been a steady strengthening of relations. The two countries have been working together on counter-terrorism, defence, agriculture, water and energy sectors.


Iran – The New Frontier

Shantanu Roy-Chaudhury Writes: Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Iran from the 22nd to the 23rd of May 2016. His agenda for discussions consisted of trade, investment, energy partnership, and enhancing connectivity.