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USI conducts Strategic Gaming Exercise Focusing on Strategic Competition in West Asia & Af-Pak Region

USI conducts Strategic Gaming Exercise-II – Strategic Competition in West Asia & Af-Pak Region from 11 to 13 October 2017. The aim of SGE – II was to expose the participants to the process of analysing dynamics of conflicts in West Asia, Af-Pak region and China-Pakistan Nexus; impact on regional and national security and formulation of comprehensive response strategy in keeping with national interests.


Sino-Nepal relations: What’s at stake for India?

Ms Varya Srivastava Writes: Being a landlocked country, Nepal had always been dependent on India for supply of resources. However, the forced Nepalese transition into a democracy strained the relations between the two countries giving the window to China to nurture its ties with Nepal. Today, markets in Nepal are flooded with Chinese goods.


PLA Marines at Gwadar-Implications for India

Sandeep Jain Writes: There were recent reports in newspapers about PLA raising the strength of its marine corps[i]. As per reports the strength is to be increased from 20000 to about one lakh troops out of which certain numbers will be permanently stationed at Gwadar.