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Is CPEC A Self Goal by China And Pakistan?

Sandeep Jain writes: There has been considerable excitement in the strategic circles of India as also China and Pakistan ever since China announced CPEC as a part of its ‘Belt and Road (OBOR)’ initiative.


Heart of Asia Conference: Pakistan Regionally Isolated; What Next?

Dr Raj Kumar Sharma writes: This was a diplomatic victory for New Delhi as terror groups targeting India were not mentioned in the Goa Declaration after the 8th Annual Summit of BRICS. This grouping is dominated by China and Beijing ensured that its ally, Pakistan is not targeted at such a forum.


CPEC- An economic Game Changer or Strategic Gamble

Gen Asthana writes: While Pakistan is overjoyed to expect a windfall of economic bounty, was very quick to announce the Chinese Naval deployment in Gwadar, and over assured presence of Chinese military to secure their Lines of Communication and related SLOC, with release of such statements.


Concerns about CPEC start emerging from Pakistan

Dr Raj Kumar Sharma writes: It seems that the initial hype around the CPEC is gradually declining in Pakistan and the reality is slowly setting in. The media, economic and security experts and political figures are now expressing concerns about the potential negative impact of CPEC on Pakistan.