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PLA Marines at Gwadar-Implications for India

Sandeep Jain Writes: There were recent reports in newspapers about PLA raising the strength of its marine corps[i]. As per reports the strength is to be increased from 20000 to about one lakh troops out of which certain numbers will be permanently stationed at Gwadar.

Silhouette of soldier

Taliban Asks Donald Trump To Review Afghanistan Policy

Bhatnagar writes: Taliban has asked Donald Trump to review Afghanistan Policy and withdraw all foreign forces from the insurgency-plagued country. Should Trump who envisions achieving a stable and peaceful world with less conflict and more common ground; review, in the short term, America’s strategy in Afghanistan in light of a re-surging Taliban?


Redefining Pakistan

Dr Raj Kumar Sharma writes: This corridor is likely to have negative impact on Pakistan’s economy as Chinese products could flood its market and would draw out its small domestic manufacturers.



Sandeep Jain writes: Pakistan has repeatedly been hiring out its sovereignty to suitable players. To be fair, their leaders have been smart by being able to extract maximum advantage from countries like China and USA without really compromising too much.