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China’s Motive for Wuhan Informal Modi-Xi Jinping Summit

Maj Gen BK Sharma, AVSM, SM**(Retd) writes: For China the primary contradiction at this juncture is how to deal with intransigent US. India, on the other hand, is seen more of a major irritant and potential challenger to China’s rise as an Asian power and therefore is ipso facto a secondary contradiction. Hence the need to pacify relations with India till the American challenge is managed.


Xi Jinping Warns Any Attempt to Split China Is ‘Doomed To Fail’

Brig Narender Kumar Writes: Xi is making concerted efforts to send a message to the nation that “achieving total unity is the collective hope of all Chinese people”. Such assertions from Xi are aimed to quell opposition of his appointment as President for life and also to suppress any uprising if triggered by his opponents within the country. However, instead of directly targeting his nemesis within his party he is trying to deflect the blame on separatist of Taiwan and Hong Kong.