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Doklam : The Information Warfare Campaign and A Solution

Anurag Dwivedi Writes: Since withdrawal and concessions are no longer an option thanks to the IW campaigns on both side, the correct way forward may be that neither side withdraws and instead both China and Bhutan create a temporary post in Doklam held by a mutually decided administratively viable strength of one platoon each.

Daggers out at the chicken’s neck

Of late, the slant in the articles carried by the Economist is palpable. A shoddy and shallow analysis, that still refers to Bhutan as a vassal of India and hints at the possibility of 1962……….


The profession of handling the international relations is carried out by the diplomats. They are uniquely skilful in dealing with people in the most prudent and tactful manner. The work which is carried out is of utmost importance to a nation’s interest as they pro-tanto decide the fate of one’s nation through important bilateral and multilateral exchanges amongst states…